Kelley Rooney, Vice President


Kelley offers our clients in-depth, multifaceted knowledge gained from extensive experience working on candidate, independent expenditure, and issue and bond campaigns. Her considerable grassroots and high-level campaign and fundraising experience combined with her work with government affairs teams for many large trade associations have forged her ability to stand up under pressure. Such high-intensity work helped strengthen Kelley’s ability to grasp concepts quickly and turn ideas into vibrant messaging that moves public sentiment. But Kelley doesn’t shy away from her nerd side. She’s proud of her ability to craft digital communications strategies and create, manage, and mine databases to find and reach the right target audience.

Kelley returned to Northern California in 2019 to take a position at PCG after her years’ long journey through college and the world of political affairs. Born and raised in Sacramento, Kelley earned her bachelor’s in political science from the University of Southern Mississippi before moving to Raleigh, NC, to serve as the regional field director for the Romney 2012 presidential campaign. Following the campaign, Kelley took a position with a prominent Raleigh public and political affairs firm, eventually serving as the firm’s political and digital director. During her time in North Carolina, Kelley played an integral role in that state’s successful 2015 Connect NC Bond campaign and a 2018 statewide constitutional amendment to bolster crime victims’ rights.