CAHU Survey Finds Most Californians Oppose Single Payer

Posted by Kassy Perry

Date: 5/10/17
Outlet: California Broker
Author: Victoria Alexander

A telephone survey commissioned by the California Association of Health Underwriters found that three out of four Californians were opposed to single payer health care once they were informed about the associated costs. The survey was conducted by J. Wallin Opinion Research on April 22 through April 26, 2017.

The survey found:

  • Eighty-one percent of Californians are satisfied with the timeliness, cost, quality, availability and accessibility of their current health care coverage with 42 percent of respondents saying they are “very satisfied.”
  • A supermajority (66 percent) opposes legislation establishing universal single payer universal health care with 44 percent strongly opposing the legislative proposal.

When learning about the facts about universal single payer health care, different age groups, demographics and ethnic backgrounds all share opposition to a government run system. “The single payer universal health care law would force Californians to hand over at least $179 billion in new state taxes to pay for a health care system run by the State of California. That translates to costing each California taxpayer $9,100 per year,” said CAHU President Richard Coburn. “This new policy would eliminate employer paid health coverage and shifts health costs to employees.”

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