California Fans Oppose Restricted Ticketing

Posted by Kassy Perry

SACRAMENTO, CA – By an overwhelming majority California voters believe they own the tickets they buy and object to policies that restrict fans’ rights to transfer their event tickets, research released today shows. Market research firm Zogby Analytics conducted the survey on behalf of Fan Freedom, a consumer organization focused on fan rights in the live-event ticket industry.

Tuesday, the Assembly Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media will hear Assembly Bill 329 (Pan). AB 329 is pro-consumer and guarantees fans in California the right to use, give away, or resell tickets however they choose. This legislation prohibits restriction of ticket resale and (bots language).

“When you buy a ticket, you own it. Period. That’s how fans view their event tickets, and this survey illustrates that,” said Chris Grimm, Director of Communications for Fan Freedom. “Unfortunately, too many events are hurting fans by placing severe restrictions on tickets.”

Among the key findings:

• 72 percent of likely voters believe a ticket is their personal property;
• 74 percent said it is their right to transfer tickets they purchase to anyone they choose; and
• 68 percent said it is their right to choose who uses a ticket, sells a ticket and at what cost.

The survey explores voters’ and season ticket holders’ views on anti-consumer ticket practices increasingly used in California and throughout the country. The survey covered topics such as ticket ownership, the use of restricted tickets and fans’ right to sell tickets on the secondary market at market value.

“If I am unable to make a game, I should be able to give my tickets to friends, clients, family or resell them as I choose,” said Steve Barrilleaux, a Sacramento small business owner and Kings fan. “The Ticket Holder Bill of Rights gives fans the power over our tickets and ensures we can do what we want with them.”


Survey Methodology

Fan Freedom commissioned Zogby Analytics to conduct an online survey of 800 likely voters in California. (Based on a confidence interval of 95 percent, the margin of error for [500] is +/- [3.5] percentage points.)

About Fan Freedom

Launched in February 2011, Fan Freedom is supported by more than 200,000 live event fans, and is backed by leading consumer and business organizations such as the Texas Consumers Association, the Institute for Policy Innovation, the American Conservative Union, National Consumers League, Consumer Action, the Institute for Liberty, Sports Fans Coalition, the Computer and Communications Industry Association and Net Choice.

For more information, please visit www.fanfreedom.org

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