California Retired Teachers Association Launches Campaign to Support Proposition 30

Posted by Kassy Perry

“Teachers Never Stop Caring” Urges a “Yes” Vote to Support Public Education

SACRAMENTO—The California Retired Teachers Association (CalRTA) today launched its first-ever independent expenditure campaign in support of Proposition 30, the temporary tax for education, on November’s ballot.

“Teachers never stop caring about students, even after they’ve stopped teaching,” said Joe Dion, CalRTA Board President. “California ranks 47th in the nation in per-pupil funding. We know first-hand that a successful California starts with secure education funding, and Prop 30 will help give students the boost they need to thrive today and tomorrow.”

The campaign, called “Teachers Never Stop Caring,” will roll out a thirty second television commercial, a thirty second radio ad, print ads, and online ads in Sacramento, San Francisco and Fresno. It will be active on FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube and has launched a new website,, dedicated to supporting the temporary tax for education.

“More than $20 billion has been cut from public schools in the last four years,” said Dion.
“Proposition 30 is a temporary tax on the highest earners in California as well as a temporary sales tax increase, so all Californians can participate in making education whole again.”

Proposition 30 will increase taxes for seven years for those who earn more than $250,000 annually and a quarter-cent sales tax increase for four years. It is expected to raise at least $6 billion in the first year. Proposition 30 will fund public kindergarten through community college education.

The teaching profession is unique in the sense that once a teacher has been in the classroom for a period of time, it’s rare that they step away altogether. It’s not just a job or profession; it’s a passion that carries over into retirement.

“Our 50,000 members have always been dedicated to helping students make the most of their education opportunity, often volunteering in classrooms long after they’ve officially retired,” said Dion. “CalRTA has supported public education through grants and scholarships to schools and current and future teachers in 87 chapters across California, so supporting Prop 30 was an absolute natural for us,” he said.


The California Retired Teachers Association is the state’s foremost organization completely dedicated to the concerns of retired educators. CalRTA began in 1929 as the country struggled through the Great Depression. Today, CalRTA is the state’s leading organization of retired educators representing nearly 50,000 retirees. More information online at and via Facebook.


Paid for by the California Retired Teachers Association Committee, a committee for Proposition 30, sponsored by the California Retired Teachers Association.

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