Case Study: Crisis in the Air

Posted by Kassy Perry

Sensitivity with Perspective

Reputation management requires careful planning and precise implementation. It is also important to be candid, even when instinct suggests otherwise. For Air Angels Medical Air, planning for crisis meant planning for human tragedy. With this in mind, PCG prepared and maintained a successful crisis communications plan that demonstrated a sensitive perspective when an Air Angels helicopter crashed and killed a 13-month-old patient and three crew members. The emergency air transport industry was already facing media scrutiny regarding safety when the accident occurred, and PCG’s rapid response provided the opportunity for Air Angels to express sympathy for the lives lost while proclaiming its willingness to cooperate in the resulting investigation. By focusing on the lives of the deceased crew and patient, Air Angels’ response provided a tenor befitting the tragedy while preserving a foundation for future operations.


  • All media coverage highlighted Air Angels’ willingness to cooperate with authorities in their investigation
  • Human interest stories dominated coverage of the accident, appearing in regional media in two states
  • The parents of the toddler on the flight praised Air Angels in a media report


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