Case Study: Save Our State Parks

Posted by Kassy Perry

SOS Rescues Endangered Parks and Beaches

In an environment where causes reign and politics dictate, it takes more than good talking points to prompt political action. Persistence can attract attention but ingenuity elicits the type of enthusiasm that shifts opinion and results in action. When California’s governor announced a plan to close 48 state parks and reduce lifeguard staffing on 16 state beaches, PCG worked with the California State Parks Foundation (CSPF) to mobilize preservationists who could deliver an impactful message to the right audience at a critical time. PCG mobilized champions for a rally and march from Sutter’s Fort to the State Capitol – in 19th century period dress – to remind lawmakers that the state’s future success relies on the lessons learned at parks designated for their cultural, economic and environmental significance. Strategic message development and delivery elevated the issue of preserving state parks above the usual political fray, saturating major media markets and capturing the attention of policymakers.


  • 48 state parks remained open
  • Lifeguard staffing at 16 state beaches was preserved


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