My Swirl Technology Start-up Announces Global Market Partnerships

Posted by Kassy Perry

Disruptive Technology Platform Now Has 2+ Million Committed Beta Users

March 23, 2016 – Sacramento, CA – Today My Swirl™, a first of its kind new collaboration network, pointing adaptive intelligence (AI) at unleashing human potential through collaboration, announced a new strategic partnership with the International Commission on Workforce Development (ICWFD), bringing 900,000 new beta use customers to My Swirl’s Group Beta program.

My Swirl, launched in April of 2015, has converged Community, Collaboration, and Purpose in a new human network, to be powered by empathetic, adaptive intelligence the company plans to license and is also developing. The My Swirl Group and Personal Edition betas (a Business Edition is planned for 2017), are expected to be finished and released into one of the largest pre-technology early adopter communities ever grown in advance of an app release.

“My Swirl is our ‘by women for the human race’ new human network, aimed at unlocking human potential, and unleashing the more than $32 trillion-dollar women-based and relationship-centric global economies. We’re removing barriers to a fully realized sharing and collaboration world,” said My Swirl CEO Tracy Saville.

ICWFD’s learners, among the first large group of users, will test the new collaboration-centric My Swirl app later this year. ICWFD’s eskills360 is an IT and professional skills training initiative, pairing peer donors with students in G77 countries with more than 4,000 online courses. These courses focus on increasing employability, enhancing women’s empowerment, and better preparing today’s global workforce for the 21st century. ICWFD’s founder, Asad U. Shah, PhD, is a social entrepreneur, a member of the Strategy Council of the United Nations GAID, and is currently Chairman of ICWFD. Shah also founded Activa Financial and AlertParent. is a next gen banking payments platform that has the potential to fuel important pieces of My Swirl’s multi-functional transactional design. is an app tool that helps parents more effectively engage with teachers and schools around their child’s performance, and is also an example of tools My Swirl is looking to integrate to help people manage their lives and families more effectively and with greater impact.

“Our expertise in Fintech and transactional platforms is an ideal fit to partner with My Swirl,” said Shah. “ICWFD students will have the chance to test My Swirl’s collaboration technology, which has the potential to accelerate their paths. We see My Swirl as the leading first-mover for harnessing computing intelligence in the service of human collaboration. As a father of daughters, I’m passionate about their technology and the impact it will have for women and girls worldwide.”

900,000 of ICWFD’s students, based mostly in India, will join more than 1.5 million more consumers in testing My Swirl’s ability to help them better connect, collaborate, and accelerate the achievement of their goals. My Swirl will also be piloting My Swirl’s giving power to help match donors for sponsoring students as well.

Saville reports more than 15 companies and organizations have thus far signed on to partner with My Swirl. She expects to announce a new set of Group Beta partners officially in mid-April, pending funding. A few prospective groups she is most excited about include ImpactLeadership21 (UN NGO), Worldwide Women (women’s info platform), Women Speakers Association, Innovation4Jobs (IIJ Foundation co-founded by David Nordfors and Vint Cerf, co-founder of the Internet), (a female-led and built social engagement tech company), Intelligent Optimism (more than 300K millennial activists worldwide), Ruthie Bolton – Olympian and Former WNBA All-Star (Women and Sports and Women Achieving Empowerment networks), and the Internet of Women, founded by Cisco CTO Monique Morrow, a rapidly-growing global movement of women driving new technology and Internet business models that are transforming the world. Bolton’s ESPN documentary is expected to be released this year. Morrow’s much anticipated book The Internet of Women is expected to come out in June.

True Equation, another key strategic My Swirl partner, is a Silicon Valley-based team of leading women venture growers re-imagining how businesses are built and funded. True Equation is designing and delivering a new funding and investment ecosystem for the platform. Saville hopes True Equation can start matching their growing list of capital funding source partners with My Swirl women-owned businesses later this year. Technologies such as Activa Financial and True Equation will help My Swirl open their Swirl Funding platform to the full My Swirl community earlier than anticipated.

“My Swirl’s strategic partnerships are win-win examples of working together to create a more human-centric and gender-equal world. This is what true collaboration with others looks like. Our emergence is a Swirl in and of itself,” said Saville.

My Swirl technology is designed to be intuitive, empathetic, and adaptive, it’s intelligence aimed at helping people be more mindful, and rewarding them for sharing, giving, and collaborating. They hope to better understand a person’s, group’s, and businesses’ unique, digital DNA footprint in their Group Betas, and to prove My Swirl can help people achieve people’s goals and purpose more powerfully.

My Swirl’s intuitive, multi-functionality is being designed to be a simple digital app experience, focused on opening up collaboration, and using adaptive intelligence to help people power their aspirations and what they can do between each other and in groups. Purpose and becoming better people are central values.

The company already has members and followers from Mexico, South Africa, the Philippines, the U.K., New Zealand and Australia, and the Middle East. My Swirl, a primarily female-founded and led company, is based in Sacramento, California.

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