Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative and Lung Cancer

Posted by Kassy Perry

Genomic Testing Advocates Announce Ground-Breaking Lung Cancer Success Story

As President Obama ushers in a new era in medicine with his Precision Medicine Initiative, leading personalized medicine experts are celebrating a success case in the area of genomic testing and lung cancer, the most deadly cancer in America.

At present, lung cancer kills more Americans than the next three leading cancers combined. Many lung cancer patients have never smoked, and tumors the disease is showing up in younger patients.

When 22-year-old marathoner Corey Wood was diagnosed with lung cancer two weeks after her college graduation, her prognosis was serious, and frightening. Her oncologist offered her a genomic sequencing test, which led to targeted treatment tailored to her specific genetic mutation. While taking her medication for three months, Corey did not experience the side effects associated with traditional chemotherapy. Physicians and genomic tetsing experts are proud to announce that Corey’s chest is now clear of cancer. She is out running again, and joining lung cancer treatment advocates in sharing a timely message:

Don’t Guess. Test.

As our nation’s leaders explore ways to fund research using Human Genome Project data and develop treatments that are tailored to the individual, lung cancer experts and patients are uniting to advance the discussion. Through the Don’t Guess. Test. campaign, they are spreading the word that genomic tests are available to lung cancer patients right now. The campaign encourages both patients and physicians to start the conversation, which has the potential to save lives.


Corey Wood, lung cancer survivor and Foundation One genomic test participant.

Bonnie J. Addario, stage 3B lung cancer survivor and founder of the national advocacy organization, The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF). The ALCF is the lead advocacy organization collaborating on this campaign.

Dr. Deborah Morosini, MD, lung cancer expert and “Don’t Guess. Test.” spokesperson whose sister, Dana Reeve (Actor Christopher Reeve’s wife), died of lung cancer.

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