Perry Communications Group Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Posted by Kassy Perry

Perry Communications, a California-based strategic communications firm specializing in integrated public affairs campaigns and media relations, today announced the completion of its 20th year in business with an expansion of its proprietary innovative digital media and advocacy practice.

For the past 20 years, the woman-owned and operated agency has been at the forefront of complex public policy issues, providing strategic counsel and creating award-winning campaigns for a variety of industries, communities and non-profits.

“We are grateful that for two decades our clients have placed their trust in us to help them successfully advance their missions and achieve their communications and policy goals,” said Kassy Perry, founder of the award winning firm. “We are our clients’ fiercest advocates. We listen, understand and empathize with their issues to make them our own. This tends to come easily for a team full of women,” added Perry with a laugh.

Perry opened her firm in 1996 after working as a radio and television journalist in Sacramento and Seattle, WA, and as a strategic communications advisor to two governors and an assemblymember. Similar to Perry’s background, her all-female, highly-respected PCG team includes former reporters, government advisors, campaign staff, trade association executives, event planners and advocates. That expertise guides their success on behalf of the firm’s clients in the areas of issue and campaign management, crisis communications, media relations, digital media, fundraisers, social media, coalition development and mobilization, and grassroots advocacy.

One of PCG’s first nationally-recognized campaigns was created for then ”Today” host Katie Couric after her husband died of colon cancer. At Perry’s suggestion, with the goal of destigmatizing the unpleasant procedure, Couric televised her own colonoscopy on the morning program. The public responded as Perry predicted with an emphatic, “If Katie can do it, I can do it.” Colonoscopy rates jumped more than 20 percent in the days and months that followed. In a USA Today article, the University of Michigan Medicine School dubbed the phenomenon “The Couric Effect.”

“Our business is all about change,” says Perry. “It’s about facts and figures, statistics and statutes, but at the end of the day, in order to affect change for our clients, our work requires strong relationships, dogged determination and creativity. We recognize that our success depends on the integrity of our collaborations and our commitment to people.”

PCG’s client victories are a direct result of Perry’s focus on being an advocate for those who can’t be their own. This led to the creation of dozens of programs to increase the health and welfare of women and the elderly, to close insurance coverage gaps, increase access to care for low-income families as well as designing campaigns to educate patients about their rights within the healthcare system. Many of her campaigns have become models for other states, including California Medical Association Foundation’s antibiotic resistance education program AWARxE; the Senior Medication and Awareness Training Program’s SMARxT Card; the California Diabetes Association’s “DIABETES: It’s that serious” campaign; “Fed Up at The Pump” for the California Independent Oil Marketers Association; My Patient Rights for the California Chronic Care Coalition; the “Help is Here Express” campaign for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento mayor and former Senate President pro tempore, credits Perry for the passage of Proposition 63, which allocated more funding to counties to better tackle mental health issues. “Without Kassy Perry’s vision, we would never have laid the foundation for the passage of Prop. 63,” said Steinberg. “She has been a driving force behind changing the way we communicate the needs of those with mental illness.”

“At the end of the day, I have done a couple of things well,” said Perry. “I have raised two successful daughters, I’ve created programs that positively impact people’s lives and I’ve created a company that provides exceptional benefits and salaries for women, allowing them the flexibility to start families and raise their children while engaging in meaningful work on behalf of our clients. I think that’s a pretty darn good legacy.”

On the horizon, Perry will soon unveil an expansion of their targeted public affairs advocacy practice that will provide unrivaled results for her clients around the country.