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PCG Announces Promotions and Client Signings

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (December 13, 2012)– This year, Felix Baumgartner set a record-jump from the Earth’s stratosphere, the USA set a historic Olympic gold medal mark and the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. The Mayans would agree that it’s an amazing way to end an era but Perry Communications Group (PCG) is counting on the Mayans being wrong as the firm takes major steps to continue its business growth including new clients, new staff members and several promotions.

“I might read the tea leaves and the writing on the wall when it comes to making smart business decisions but I am counting on the ancient Mayans being wrong,” said Kassy Perry, President and CEO of PCG. “It’s been a successful year and I foresee more growth in 2013. We are a “full go” heading into the new year.”

PCG’s employees benefit professionally and financially with increased number of clients served and prove that they are ready to take on any crisis situation, including the looming end of the world. New client acquisitions include Fan Freedom Project, Accountable Health Care IPA, Maywood Municipal Water District #3, Our Salud, California Coalition for Community Mental Health Agencies, Victor Community Support Services, Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, Sims Recycling Solutions and California Retired Teachers Association.

Julia Spiess Lewis has been promoted to Senior Vice President, overseeing all of the firm’s clients and account staff. This year marks Spiess Lewis’ eleventh anniversary at PCG as she continues to contribute to the success of the firm. She leads public relations efforts for multiple clients and works with various consumer health care advocacy groups building alliances and coalitions on a variety of issues. Spiess Lewis is not letting the Mayan prophecies slow down her dedication to the firm… or her plans to take her honeymoon in Nicaragua later this month.

PCG recently hired Yessenia Anderson as an Assistant Account Executive. Anderson is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Digital Media. She began her career at KCRA 3 News and most recently was a reporter for KDRV Newswatch 12 in Oregon. With her bilingual skills and strong background in media, Anderson will assist with media relations and outreach for the firm’s clients such as the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, Sims Recycling Solutions and Fan Freedom Project. She has volunteered to “hold down the PCG fort” on December 21, 2012.

In addition, PCG promoted Yadira Beas to Assistant Account Executive. Through Beas’ work as an Account Coordinator, she demonstrated professional growth, built upon her existing skills and is prepared to take on new responsibilities in her new role. Beas currently performs public relations and social media efforts for Sims Recycling Solutions, Visit California and PCG. She will serve as a PCG reporter at Mayan headquarters in Chichen Itza, Cancun, Mexico later this month where she will investigate and get to the bottom of the Mayan prophecies.


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