Perry Communications Group Introduces Counter|Point

Posted by Kassy Perry

New writing service caters to growing communications demand

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (February 18, 2014)– Perry Communications Group (PCG), a Sacramento-based strategic communications firm, today announced the addition of Counter|Point, a new writing service for clients. The new service will enhance PCG’s current comprehensive approach to communications by offering an à la carte, specialized menu of writing services.

“Counter|Point takes our writing expertise and offers it to those looking to augment their services on a need by need basis,” said Kassy Perry, president and CEO of Perry Communications Group. “Even in a world where some mediums are limited to 140 characters, crafting a high-quality written piece remains vital. What we have found is that many communications departments, trade associations or agencies just don’t have the time or staff to write important editorial content. That is where Counter|Point comes in.”

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for PR specialists is set to grow 23 percent through 2020—faster than average for all occupations. As demand for this service grows, it is no wonder that drafting and placing a 400-word opinion editorial can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned communication professional.

Counter|Point is comprised of experienced professional writers who are ready to write and place op-eds, letters to the editor, articles and blogs for general readership, trade publications and websites.

PCG has successfully written and placed editorial content for dozens of clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to major industry associations and top charitable organizations for almost two decades.

“Sometimes written copy can be the best and fastest way to get a message out, especially during a crisis situation,” Perry said. “Choosing the right message can be the difference between a smooth resolution and an even bigger disaster.”

Please contact Perry Communications Group at 916-658-0144 for more information and pricing.