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The sheer scope of today’s communications challenges can be daunting. Success requires expertise combined with local knowledge and a deep understanding, not only of a client’s business, but of the cultural nuances of local and regional media, stakeholders and audiences. Perry Communications Group offers strategic communications disciplines including:


Public Affairs

Through proven techniques and unparalleled expertise, our Public Affairs Practice has a record of managing complex policy issues, leading high-profile coalitions and campaigns, and conveying compelling stories on behalf of our clients. We achieve success and build influence through our relationships with policy-makers, media, regulators and politicians around the world.
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Public Relations

At Perry Communications Group, we create integrated marketing and public relations programs that leverage our extensive influencer relationships, incorporate our deep understanding of trends and focus on achieving desired results.
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Issues Management

The crux of what we do at Perry Communications Group is help our clients define and manage issues of social significance. Often this work ties directly into public affairs – environmental groups, local or county government, state regulators, state agencies, the legislature, the Administration.
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Crisis Management

In today’s 24/7 news cycle and social media landscape where communication is constantly flowing to and from key stakeholders, good or bad, one must be prepared and adept in managing the unexpected. In times of a crisis, companies face an even greater demand to act ethically and swiftly with transparency.
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Social Marketing

We are living in what will probably go down in history as a time of unprecedented economic and societal change. Perry Communications Group recognizes that today’s business, government and social environments are all linked together. From environmental sustainability to healthcare, economic development and education, we’ve had the privilege of being enlisted by notable people and organizations to help them place these issues on the public radar.
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Media Relations

The media landscape is constantly changing; consolidation and newsroom reductions are commonplace thereby challenging every company to convey its corporate identity and communicate its messages uniquely and effectively. Solid strategy paired with the right relationships are more important than ever before. Whether you need to reach the Capitol Press Corps, national health care reporters, a major business editor or trade press publisher, we know who to contact and how.
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Advocacy & Coalition Building

We believe each person has the power to impact our legislative process, but many people have lost confidence that they can in fact make a difference. Perry Communications Group amplifies the voices of real people – whose personal experiences and compelling stories can shift public policy.
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Event Planning

Successful, well-thought out events just don’t happen; they are carefully orchestrated with attention to every detail. Perry Communications Group has extensive experience in event planning and can help identify the components for a spectacular event — while ensuring that key influencers, trendsetters, and corporate decision-makers attend. We specialize in conceptualizing, organizing and marketing a variety of events for both large- and small-scale corporate, social and private parties.
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Reputation Management

In the wake of corporate scandals and consumer distrust, public perceptions of an organization’s reputation matter more than ever. We’ve made it our business to counsel our for-profit and non-profit clients to persevere through uncertain times.
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