Advocacy & Coalition Building

Field organization to build alliances and impact policy

We amplify the voices of real people – those whose personal experiences and compelling stories can activate a movement. Whether it’s testimony before decision makers, an opinion editorial in a major newspaper, or a social media campaign, our advocacy approach is always strategic and often personal.

Our extensive ally network keeps us in touch with the policy priorities and positions of major stakeholder groups. We build upon shared values and can bring previously disparate groups together by identifying mutual interests, building powerful coalitions and galvanizing broad-based, true grassroots support.

  • Worthy competitors: Our connections with advocacy groups, multi-partisan lawmakers, non-profit leaders and corporations allow us to cultivate allies to build formidable coalitions and lead major initiatives.
  • Powerful motivators: We reveal each person’s power to impact, and provide practical tools to empower compelling communication.
  • Battle-ready: Intimate knowledge of issues that bond traditional and non-traditional partners allows us to position the forces for battle and ignite enthusiasm for a consistent position.