Issues Management

Intelligently designed programs to neutralize opposition and create a groundswell of support

The crux of what we do is help our clients define and manage issues of social significance. Often this work ties directly into public policy and the need to impact local, statewide or federally appointed and elected officials, regulators and agencies. We help our clients navigate political and regulatory processes while generating the right level of noise to make an impact. We understand the sensitive and sometimes “political” nature of many issues and we know when to work quietly, behind the scenes, and when to create a vocal groundswell of support.

We don’t rely on what we think unless we are sure of what we know. Careful research and evaluation, conducted in traditional and creative ways, grounds our strategies to create an environment more hospitable to affecting change.

  • Sophisticated: Careful alliances with key constituencies expand influence.
  • Collaborative: We craft integrative strategies to complement your existing team or lead the charge.
  • Forward-thinking: Activities are implemented with an immediate goal in mind and executed for long-term effect.