Media Relations

Delivering the voices that matter on the issues of the day

Solid strategy paired with the right relationships make a winning combination. We understand what goes into a great story and what sells from first-hand experience as reporters, editors, producers and bloggers. Through development of compelling messages we can create a sense that your message is everywhere while precisely targeting the right audience.

We identify and prepare the most influential messengers and get the right story placed at the right time in the right place. Whether you want to generate a buzz about a new product, impact policy or publicize an event, we have the connections to get the job done.

We continuously monitor traditional and new media and work with journalists to become trusted sources, allowing us to foster relationships that result in more accurate stories with greater impact.

  • Affective: Our use of the right effect improves your ability to affect public opinion and behavior.
  • Progressive: We appreciate the value of traditional and new media, and understand how to generate coverage that will get noticed by precisely targeted audiences.
  • Controlled: Contingency planning and careful spokesperson selection and training garners on-strategy message delivery.