Social Marketing

Initiatives to encourage long-term behavior change to benefit communities

Issues of social significance require the creative use of standard marketing approaches. We combine our expertise in traditional public relations and public affairs with our understanding of consumer engagement to create programs that produce long-term behavioral changes in target populations.

We work with public sector agencies to promote their services and organizational goals, as well as non-profit and corporate entities to implement societal benefit programs that secure and maintain constituent and customer engagement. With a primary focus on societal improvement, we help our clients place overlooked issues on the public radar.

Whether working with high profile celebrities or non-profit start-ups, we partner with our clients to create meaningful, sustainable and measurable change.

  • Distinguished: We identify and engage well-known advocates to gain prominence for your cause.
  • Systematic: With our combination of substance, function, and promotion, your programs will make potentially difficult and long-term behavioral changes achievable.
  • Organized: Our cultivation of a diverse ally network strengthens your vision and creates a sustainable movement supporting your cause.