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No longer under the radar

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Programs help ensure former foster youth stay insured

Date: 7/29/14
Outlet Full Name: Stockton Record
Author: Zack Johnson

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STOCKTON – Maybe it was the surge of adrenaline or the shock of being a passenger in a vehicle accident where people suffered severe injuries, but it wasn’t until the ambulance ride to the hospital that Krishneel Dass started feeling any pain at all.

Former Foster Care Youths Get Help Paying For Health Care

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Date: 6 /20 /14
Outlet Full Name: NPR- Shots
Author: Nicholas St. Fleur
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When Joseph Hill turned 21, he went from being homeless to being homeless and uninsured.

Hill grew up in foster care. He entered the system when he was 3 months old. At 19, he aged out of foster care and faced an abrupt transition into adulthood.

At first he received health insurance under Medi-Cal, California’s version of Medicaid. But those benefits disappeared when he turned 21.

Back then, Hill needed new prescription glasses so he could drive to work and see the board at school. Losing medical coverage meant spending money that he did not have.

“It felt like a low blow – it cost like $400,” Hill, who lives in San Diego, says of paying out of pocket for his glasses. “If I had coverage, I could have put that $400 to groceries.”

A Medi-Cal mending for ex foster kids

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San Diego Union Tribune
By Paul Sisson

Young adults have been able to stay on their parents’ health plans until age 26 since 2010, but that benefit is just arriving for former foster kids.

On Jan. 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act extended Medicaid benefits — Medi-Cal in the Golden State — to foster youth who “aged out” of their coverage on their 18th or 21st birthdays. Coverage includes free medical care, vision exams, substance abuse treatment, mental health services and dental care.

ACA Offers Critical Support for Foster Kids

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California Health Report
April 28, 2014
By Chris Richard

Behind the first wave of pain came fear.

It wasn’t just the agony of a shattered pelvis that terrified Jimmy Dion as he lay in the street that day last December.

It was having no insurance.

A driver had cut him off, and he’d swerved to miss her, but his handlebar caught in the wheel well of a truck. And then he was underneath, the truck dragging him and Dion screaming and onlookers screaming and then the truck stopping and people running toward where he lay tangled in the wreckage of his bicycle.

That December accident could have been yet another calamity in a life scarred by unfair struggles: taken from his drug-addled parents as a toddler, 16 foster homes by his 11th birthday, an occasional assurance that he had potential, but more often official reminders that “my chances of making it were slim to none.”

And on the day of the accident, Dion had just turned 23, well past the age limit on the Medi-Cal health insurance that California extends to most youths who become wards of the state. A community college student, he couldn’t afford private coverage. An application for interim insurance provided through the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services was in limbo.
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Former foster kids get MediCal help via Obamacare

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Published: March 19, 2014 Updated: March 20, 2014 12:25 p.m.

Social workers and county youth agencies in California are promoting a little-known provision in the Affordable Care Act that will allow thousands of former foster kids statewide to stay on MediCal until age 26 without regard to their income.

MediCal, the government-funded health insurance program, is normally for low-income people, who are required to provide proof of their financial status. The new provision, which took effect Jan. 1, expands on the previous law, which allowed former foster children to be insured by MediCal without meeting income criteria until age 21.

Anybody who was in foster care on their 18th birthday, anywhere in the U.S., is eligible.

“We are very excited that former foster youth can qualify for this coverage, because the transition to adulthood for this population can be a difficult one,” said Fatima Morales of Los Angeles-based Children Now, which is running a statewide campaign to enroll as many former foster children as possible. “There are often greater health care needs because of abuse and neglect or trauma they’ve experienced in childhood.”

The federal health reform law allows anybody under age 26 to stay on their parents’ health plans, so the new provision creates “equity for former foster youth who don’t have a parent’s health plan they can rely on,” Morales said.

Linda Levshin, director of youth transition services at the Orangewood Children’s Foundation in Santa Ana, said she has seen former foster kids end up heavily in debt because they had a medical mishap when they were uninsured.

“This will really help to ensure they don’t go into debt to take care of themselves, and it will encourage them to take care of themselves,” she said.

To learn more, get contact information and download enrollment forms, go to To enroll in Orange County, call the foster care office of the OC Social Services Agency at 714-704-8382.