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Politically connected HealthCare Partners sidestepped licensing for 10 years

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Part One of a series

May 3, 2013

By Katy Grimes

One of the original pioneers of the Obamacare patient networks, HealthCare Partners, has been operating in California without the required state license. But according to health care experts and a new lawsuit, the California Department of Managed Care has known this, and allowed it for 10 years, saving HealthCare Partners millions of dollars.

HCP has flown under the radar of the California Department of Managed Health Care regulatory authority by claiming it’s a medical group, while in fact operating as an unlicensed Health Maintenance Organization. It has done so by taking standard HMO global risk for the patient — hospital care, medication and physician services.

Prominent LA Law Firm and Latino Activist Community Network Join Forces to Save Lives

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Partnership runs ads in the region to identify additional HealthCare Partners victims

LOS ANGELES— In an effort to identify additional victims of Los Angeles heavyweight medical group HealthCare Partners and their policies that put profits over patients, the Cochran Law Firm and Our SALUD are co-sponsoring a series of advertisements throughout the Los Angeles basin.

HCP currently has 675,000 patients and contracts with most major HMOs and PPOs servicing the Greater Los Angeles area, including California Hospital Medical Center. An investigation has identified an illegal hospital network created by HealthCare Partners to allow the medical group to get paid a higher fee per patient while providing lower quality services.

“We hope to find others injured by HealthCare Partners cost cutting to ensure we can get them the care they need,” said Randy McMurray, attorney at law Cochran Law LLP. ”We also are hopeful that we have awakened the sleepy HMO watchdog that will now require HCP to get the license they require.”

“Is the DMHC’s position that an unlicensed HMO can continue to treat patients and assume global financial risk until DMHC finishes twiddling its thumbs? How many patients have been hurt before DMHC does its job?” said Elba Romo, Our SALUD Community Representative.

The ad specifically highlights Juan Carlos Jandres, the young man who is at the center of the law suit against HealthCare Partners (HCP). In that suit, the Cochran Law firm claims they have found a long standing disregard for managed care laws and a substantial failure in oversight and regulation by the California Department of Managed Health Care. Healthcare Partners Medical Group acts like an HMO by creating a contracted network of hospitals, but is not licensed by the DMHC to provide hospital services in California. Our SALUD hopes the ads can shed light on a long standing issue that will only continue to affect the thousands under HCP’s care.

McMurray said California laws such as the Knox-Keene Act of 1975 and the ban on the corporate practice of medicine are intended to prevent unlicensed persons from interfering with or influencing a physician’s professional judgment.

“The purpose of the licensing process is to make sure that the groups are subject to increased oversight by the California Department of Managed Healthcare,” McMurray said. “These increased oversight requirements were put into place to protect the California consumer.”

The full script of the ad is below and the ad can be viewed HERE.


What You Don’t Know About HealthCare Partners Might Hurt You

Juan Carlos Jandres found out the hard way. The courageous young man at the center of a class action lawsuit against HealthCare Partners, Juan had to fight for his cancer treatment. His HealthCare Partners doctors told Juan he was fine. They were wrong. He found new doctors at a good hospital and got the surgery he needed. Now he’s fighting for all of HealthCare Partners’ patients.

HealthCare Partners created an unlicensed and substandard hospital network to save money. State regulators knew it, but did nothing. So Juan did something.

If you have been denied care or injured by doctors working for HealthCare Partners, call us:
Randy McMurray, Cochran Law Firm, at 323-931-6200
Nestor Valencia of Our SALUD at 424-272-5386


About Our SALUD

Our SALUD (Somos Aliados Latinos Unidos por la Dignidad – Latino Allies United for Dignity), a health care watchdog coalition is a grassroots coalition and healthcare watchdog representing civic, community, and business leaders from the Southern California Latino communities. We believe that our low-income, minority communities deserve quality health care access equal to other communities. We believe our communities are not unlike other communities in California which are yearning for best practices and quality health care. With the new Affordable Care Act, we believe the legislators shall bring transparency and good government practices in implementing new health care delivery models, which should include exceptional, free of conflict-of-interest, community-patient focused decision-makers at every level.

Health Care Watchdog Takes a Stand on Financial Solvency Standards Board (FSSB) Conflict of Interest

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NOVEMBER 7, 2012

SACRAMENTO, CA– The original “whistle blower” who blew the lid off corruption in the City of Bell will continue his work as a community advocate, this time at the state level. Bell Councilman Nestor Valencia and Our SALUD activist Elba Romo will take on the Department of Managed Health Care’s Financial Solvency Standards Board (FSSB) Thursday to shine a light on wrongdoing and conflicts of interest that are injuring people in the Los Angeles region. Our SALUD is a new grassroots advocacy effort and healthcare watchdog, representing civic, community, and business leaders from the Southern California Latino communities.

The Financial Solvency Standards Board makes important decisions on the expansion of healthcare, yet FSSB Board Chair Keith Wilson, M.D., is an officer of HealthCare Partners (HCP), a pioneer ACO operating as an unlawfully unlicensed HMO, putting profits before patients. According to the Department of Managed Health Care, HCP is under investigation for operating without a plan license. HCP is also the focus of a class action lawsuit on behalf of Juan Carlos Jandres and other patients. Our SALUD will demand the removal of HCP’s Dr. Wilson as it represents a significant conflict of interest for him to advise state regulators on any matters that concern determining the standards by which ACOs, medical groups, or any other entities can or should be licensed.
Patients’ lives are at stake. We are shining a light on decisions that are putting people at risk.

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 10:00 am- 1:00 pm

Financial Solvency Standards Board Meeting
Conference Room, 2nd floor
980 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Nestor Valencia, City of Bell Whistleblower, Bell City Council member, Community Activist and Healthcare expert. Elba Romo, local government official, Our SALUD Community Representative.
Financial Solvency Standards Board Members:
Dr. Keith Wilson-Chairman, Officer of HealthCare Partners
Brent A. Barnhart-Department of Managed Health Care
Grant Cattaneo-Cattaneo and Stroud
Edward Cymerys-Blue Shield of California
Dr.Larry deGhetaldi-Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Dave Meadows-HealthNet of California
Ann Pumpian-Sharp HealthCare
Dr. Rick Shinto-Aveta Inc.
Tom Williams- Alternate/ Integrated Healthcare Associates
Deborah Kelch-Alternate/ Independent Consultant

Nestor Valencia and Elba Romo will address the board requesting answers to their letter asking for Dr. Wilson’s removal.
Photos of Juan Carlos Jandres

New Health Care Watchdog Coalition Urges Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) to Put Patients Over Profits

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Our SALUD (Somos Aliados Latinos Unidos por la Dignidad – Latino Allies United for Dignity) a health care watchdog coalition is joining community members in an effort to delay one of the largest health care mergers in history in order to force an unlicensed HMO to abide by state law. Monday afternoon, Our SALUD will hold a rally demanding a halt to a merger vote pending an investigation into a lawsuit surrounding patient care provided by one of LA’s largest HMOs.

A rally will be held outside Governor Jerry Brown’s office in downtown Los Angeles. Advocates will be marching in opposition of a $4.42 billion merger between HealthCare Partners, an unlicensed HMO, and DaVita, Inc. a publicly traded for profit company. HCP currently serves 675,000 patients in Los Angeles and Orange County. DaVita provides dialysis nationwide. Letters have been sent to the DMHC and the Governor’s desk requesting a call to action before the completion of the upcoming merger. The culmination of these efforts comes just two days before the merger is completed on Wednesday Oct. 30. Should the merger go through, HCP will allegedly be in violation of the ban on corporate practice of medicine.

Monday, October 29, 2012
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Governor’s Office in downtown L.A
300 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA, 90013

Representatives of OUR SALUD, community members and families, patients that have been impacted by the ongoing lack of regulatory compliance by HCP; Randy McMurray, representing the Cochran Law Firm and patient Juan Carlos Jandres.
Other attendees-TBD

Dozens of community members will be marching together carrying signs outside of the governor’s office. Representatives from Our SALUD will be speaking to a crowd of patients and families.

# # #
DMHC Demand Letter
Governor Brown Demand Letter

Accountable Health Care IPA Promotes Rhoda Brown to Director of Operations

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SIGNAL HILL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Accountable Health Care IPA (Accountable), a physician-led independent physician association (IPA) that contracts with eight California health plans serving nearly 160,000 member-patients in Los Angeles County, announced that it has promoted Rhoda Brown to the position of Director of Operations. The move is part of the organization’s efforts to expand its medical group management operations in Southern California in concert with Health Reform.