Understanding the California Health Benefit Exchange

Posted by Kassy Perry

We will soon witness the greatest transformation of the health care system in our nation’s history. California is on the frontlines and the first state in the country to create a program to implement the federal Affordable Care Act. The California Health Benefit Exchange will be an online marketplace for eligible individuals to purchase coverage, a universe also comprised of small businesses that is estimated to be more than eight million by 2016, according to University of California, Berkeley.

The California Partnership for Access to Treatment (CPAT) hosted two informative seminars which included discussions about the sources of health insurance in the state, the rising costs of health care, the Exchange’s vision, mission and values and issues and obstacles facing the execution of health care reform in the state. These seminars also focused on how Exchange will work, what it means for employers of all sizes and the Exchange’s potential impact on patients, health care providers and advocacy organizations, as well as the quality of care. Click here to watch the

About CPAT:

The California Partnership for Access to Treatment (CPAT) is a diverse network of advocacy organizations, community groups, health care providers and employers, committed to ensuring a healthy and productive California. CPAT serves as a communications, education and resource network to keep its partners and the communities they serve informed about critical issues involving access to treatment in California. For more information about CPAT, contact us at (916) 658-0144.

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